Saturday, December 17, 2011


Ok I have been promoted at my job to front end manager, I get to make all the schedules for the waitress's and manage them. ie. make sure they are doing their job right etc.

My AUNT who has worked there for ever and I think its been her only job has huge control issues but she gave up doing all that stuff a long time ago but she still tries to control everything in her life and others, she miscommunicated what was said to her so it would sound like she was doing what my 2nd cousin and great uncle wanted. which was for me to be front end manager and take charge of things and keep things in check. As well as keep an eye on things for them since my cousin has two little ones and dose the books etc. she's not at the restaurant and docent see whats going on etc.

But yeah so I have the schedule done go to drop it off and as I'm leaving my aunt asks for this upcoming week off of work -_-' fine what ever but she left it to the last moment and I just know its going to be a power struggle with her


Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Kiani vol 2

So Kiani first of the hole idea of seperate story arks I like but please they barley keep up their other story arks and lines and all the ones that never finished.

But I'm ok with that, what I'm not ok with is THE ARMOR in these pictures, she is the blue no the black in less their going to be like oh wait she is, if they do i swear Ill scream on the inside.

I guess because I love Aspen so much its natural for me not to like Kiani

Monday, December 12, 2011

My favorite artist

Ok so my favorite artist since before 1999 the reason I wanted to be an artist became so involved with comics etc. Any ways I'm going to start with this.

When I was in middle school I grew up in a small town and we didn't have a lot of pop culture, but me and a friend found a wizard magazine special on him, from there I fell in love his work is a huge inspirational person for many reasons. 1st i love now looking back at his first witchblade work and seeing his progress and how his work developed 2 his detail the lengths he would go, he was a huge water sports person snorkeling etc. You can see he payed attention because his backgrounds of coral reffs and more are amazing 3 he continued his work through his battle with cancer, and I feel you can see his struggle even in his work 4 his team that worked on the comic his inlet and colourist they all worked so well together they brought the art to life ad there's so many more reasons I love him. I was able to collect his comics from the small comic shop in the near by town before it closed and I then was forced to get them from the comic shop further away. This is before eBay got huge. My only complaint ever about the comics is the amount of time between each issue was speratic and so many variant story arks were never finished.

But the reason I'm post is to rant about all people who only after his passing discovered him and or discovered him late and are all he means so much blah blah blah and they really know nothing about him or are just fallowing a trend. Like the hole I love grace from soul fire bla blah when his first for top cow was on switchblade and his own original comic he starte for them fathom which he later went to court over when he decided to start his own comic company. They piss me off scalds they spend the time to go on about how they love him but they have no story as to why or how they discovered him they just say the usual :/ I love him and they even act as if no one else could love him as much or be as inspired by him. A man so amazing, who lead such a extrodinary life defiantly inspired and changed a lot of peoples lifes.

My rant might sound like I'm saying he couldn't have inspired any one else but me, that's not what I'm saying it's the people that are full of them selfs that go on and on with no detail or clue that piss me of.

That make costumes from his characters and do a half ass job and make it sound like they worked so hard when it's obvious they threw it together ug ok rant done