Saturday, December 17, 2011


Ok I have been promoted at my job to front end manager, I get to make all the schedules for the waitress's and manage them. ie. make sure they are doing their job right etc.

My AUNT who has worked there for ever and I think its been her only job has huge control issues but she gave up doing all that stuff a long time ago but she still tries to control everything in her life and others, she miscommunicated what was said to her so it would sound like she was doing what my 2nd cousin and great uncle wanted. which was for me to be front end manager and take charge of things and keep things in check. As well as keep an eye on things for them since my cousin has two little ones and dose the books etc. she's not at the restaurant and docent see whats going on etc.

But yeah so I have the schedule done go to drop it off and as I'm leaving my aunt asks for this upcoming week off of work -_-' fine what ever but she left it to the last moment and I just know its going to be a power struggle with her


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